WordPress Edits & Management Services

WordPress Edits & Management Services

Dedicated WordPress experts at your service

WordPress edits, development services, performance management, eCommerce support, and search engine optimization. We’ve got you covered for all things related to your web presence.

We offer a range of ongoing WordPress editing and development solutions based on your technical abilities, desire to manage your website and the level of scope or importance your website plays in your day-to-day operations.

Dedicated Editor

$35 /month /website

Leave your WordPress edits and additions to us for quick turnarounds and polished finishes.


  • Submit website edit request from your support portal and an expert Valice content editor will make your changes. We'll do all things content — new pages or posts, menu changes, edits to existing posts and pages.
    Unlimited WordPress Edits
  • Valice will maintain and manage the administrative components of WordPress.
    WordPress Admin Management
  • Basic adjustments to page layouts, images, or colors? We've got you covered.
    Minor Design & Style Changes
  • Valice will troubleshoot and remediate any WordPress errors or unexpected site behaviors.
    Bug Reporting & Troubleshooting
  • Schedule screen share calls with your Valice WordPress specialist any time.
    Phone / Screen Share Support
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Development Support

$60 /month /website

This service is designed for organizations who need to rely on a skilled development partner for ongoing functionality enhancements.


  • Valice will review plugins for any new desired functionality to make sure they are secure and reliable. Additionally, we will provide testing and final configuration services.
    Plugin Reviews and Installations
  • Valice will maintain a replication of your WordPress website in our own development environment.
    Persistent Development Environment
  • Valice will maintain a code repository for your theme and plugins for tracking and change management.
    Code Repository Management
  • Valice will maintain any custom plugins we have developed for your website.
    Custom Plugin Management
  • Valice will oversee and coordinate deploying any major updates and code changes.
    Scheduled Code Deploys
  • Ongoing and one-time development service engagements will be billed at the discounted rate of $125 /hr.
    Discounted Development Services
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Tune Up

$149 /website

A one-time, as-needed engagement to get your WordPress installation up-to-date and provide findings and recommendations for a more performant and accessible web presence.


  • Valice will test and run your core WordPress update.
    Core WordPress Updates
  • Valice will test and run your WordPress plugin updates.
    Plugin Updates
  • Valice will test and run your WordPress theme updates.
    Theme Updates
  • Valice will review your website code for any errors and report any findings and recommendations.
    Code Review
  • Valice will test your website for accessibility and report any findings and recommendations.
    Accessibility Review
  • Valice will scan your website for any security issues or vulnerabilities and report any findings that we can't immediately resolve.
    Security Scan
  • If not yet configured, Valice will configure WP Toolkit update and security settings. If already configured, Valice will review all settings and update anything necessary.
    WP Toolkit Setup
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eCommerce Support

$45 /month /website

A must-have for businesses with limited experience (or interest) in managing these systems.


  • Valice will provide support for websites running eCommerce or LMS (Learning Management Systems) plugins.
    WooCommerce, Shopify, or LMS Management
  • We will evaluate extensions or plugins for security and reliability and oversee the installation and configuration services.
    Extension Evaluations, Recommendations, and Installations
  • Valice will manage the updates for your licensed extension plugins for WooCommerce or Shopify.
    Extension Update Management
  • Valice will provide troubleshooting and bug reporting activities if necessary.
  • Valice will manage the configuration of your sales tax setup, shipping methodology, and payment gateway integrations.
    Tax, Shipping, Payment Gateway Management
  • If you're website is integrated with any third party services, Valice can maintain support for those integrations.
    Third Party Integration Management
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Performance Review

$149 /website

For optimal visitor experiences and improved rankings through excellent Google Page Speed Insights.


  • Valice will test and configure the ideal caching, minification, and other optimization settings for your website to achieve highest possible Google Page Speed Scores.
    AccelerateWP Configuration
  • Valice will mitigate any issues reported in your Google Search Console and make any recommendations for improvement that can't be addressed immediately.
    Google Search Console Fixes
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Search Engine Marketing

$149 /month /website

Simple and affordable management and oversight of your AdWords campaigns and spending.


  • Setup, management, and monitoring of your Google Search Console.
    Google Search Console Management
  • Setup, management, and monitoring of your Google Analytics.
    Google Analytics Support
  • Setup, management, and monitoring of your Goole Smart Campaign.
    Google Smart Campaign Management
  • Creation of tags for tracking your campaign's influence and effectiveness on your website visitor behavior.
    Google Tag Manager
  • Review key metrics and discuss successes and areas for improvement.
    Quarterly Reporting
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$69 /month

Websites should be accessible to everyone and we'll help you make yours is inclusive and compliant for all.


  • Receive monthly reports and confirmations on your website's accessibility status.
    Compliance Testing and Reporting
  • Valice will configure all of the accessiBe plugin configuration settings.
    Settings Management
  • We'll take action on any updates or compliance findings.
    Update Management
  • The $49 accessiBe license fee is included and managed.
    accessiBe License Fee Included
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Search Engine Review

$499 /website

Assess your website's current position for desired search engine results and uncover opportunities for improvement.


  • Keep track of the keywords you're using
    Configure Google Search Console Account
  • Are you already drawing search terms that you can lean into?
    Audit Site Content for Keyword Optimization
  • We'll help you choose keywords that have good search volume with low competition to help you focus on overlooked keywords.
    Identify Additional Keywords
  • SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. We'll advise you on best practices and key concepts to make your efforts effective over the long run.
    Tips and recommendations
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