Tune Up

Time for a Tune Up?

Boost your WordPress security effortlessly with a Tune Up from Valice. With a Tune Up, our WordPress experts skillfully configure WP Toolkit, enabling automatic software updates and implementing advanced security features. Trust Valice to fortify your website and provide peace of mind.


WP Toolkit is powerful...really powerful

WP Toolkit

All Managed WP plans at Valice come with  the powerful WP Toolkit. It helps you manage your WordPress websites, simplifying tasks like updating plugins and themes, conducting bulk installations, and managing backups. In one click, you can clone or migrate your sites while benefiting from advanced security features and automated updates, ensuring your websites stay secure and up to date.


sounds good. So...

What's the catch?

There's a bit of a learning curve to it. Like we said, WP Toolkit is really powerful, but it takes some effort and learning to set up all the great features it comes with.

That's where the Tune Up comes in. Valice's one-time Tune Up puts our experts under the hood for you so you get all the benefits of WP Toolkit without having to learn any new tech mumbo jumbo.


I get it. Well, I have to ask...

Why WOULDN'T I want a Tune Up?

Some technical folks--developers, mostly--might like to configure the Toolkit on their own. They know the settings well, and want it running their way.

But most folks really need the Tune Up.

Unless you're really into learning about fun topics like cron schedules and NGINX caching, the Toolkit might be over your head. In order to get all the benefits of the Toolkit, and there are many, you really need an expert to configure it for you. It's a one-time thing, and it really does make a big difference.

 Ready to get started?

Place an order for a Tune Up today, and we'll get started enhancing your site's security.

What about performance?

Performance Review

Valice's Performance review is like a Tune Up for performance. If the Tune Up enhances your site's security, a Performance Review enhances your page speed, allowing visitors to zip through your site with ease.