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The entire team at Valice are an incredible asset to our business! They helped modernize our website and built us multiple custom plugins to make our website standout from the competition. Besides being very talented at what they do what is most impressive is the level of service you get. They avail themselves for questions and offer suggestions to help keep your web presence looking great and professional. I cannot recommend them enough! We are fortunate to have partners with such a great web developer. Thank you for all that you do!

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Valice was presented to us as professional Web Designers and hosts. From the very beginning, every interaction with these professionals has been a pleasant experience. PROFESSIONAL in every way. We recommend them at every turn. We are so very thankful we found them.

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I’ve worked with Valice for many years now. I’m also an ex software QA guy so I’m intimately familiar with technology and what to expect from technology providers. Valice is solid across the board and I think what makes them unique is that the principals are approachable and hands-on. If my business depends on a technology provider then I expect that provider to be equally interested in my success. That’s why I work with Valice. Note that I have been using them for hosting for over a decade now and for the past few years have also been doing web development as well. Solid and will continue to use them as a preferred provider.

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Valice is nothing short of A-mazing! Their management and staff are top notch and so prepared and motivated to support and satisfy their customers. One of the biggest challenges in B2B transactions today is the lack of personalized support. It’s all too common today for businesses to cut corners when it comes to customer service. I spoke with one company that told me that their supervisors don’t do voice calls or chats with the customers. Wow! Not with Valice.

Valice provides great hosting with plenty of data, and direct personalized care and support. Valice values and appreciates their customers and that was always my experience.

Thanks for caring about my success, Valice!!! 🙂

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Valice has nailed it every time we’ve requested their support. Not only is their staff friendly and always willing to help, their service and support is quick and frictionless.

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The team at Valice is very knowledgeable, creative, and incredibly responsive. What we value most about Valice is that they are a one-stop shop for our law firm – they re-designed our website (and we regularly receive compliments on our site!), trained us on how to use WordPress, host our website, and they provide ongoing support where they make all necessary updates and changes to our website. They are true experts and we feel incredibly fortunate to have them as a partner. We highly recommend Valice!

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The Hollow loves the team at Valice. They are professional, timely, and always there to help. We have a beautiful webpage thanks to Valice.

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Valice has been an amazing option for us to build our website!  They have been creative, responsive, and helpful with projects and quick with updates.  We have never managed or built a website before and they made the process feel easy and painless.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone to manage their website!

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Our company has been fortunate enough to work with Valice for several years. They helped take our dreams and ideas for a website and made it a reality. They have been consistent, reliable and work in a timely manner to make sure our information is always accurate and that our site is functioning correctly. We’ve gone from an idea to a website that generates over 100,000 views a year in a short time, all thanks to Valice.

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We highly recommend Valice! As a non-profit organization with a small team, budget and support are especially important to us in choosing vendors. We were so pleased (and relieved!) to find Valice. They are affordable, do great work, and the customer service and accessibility of the Valice team is unmatched.

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We’re approaching 10 years with Valice. They designed our website based upon our needs, host our web and email services. They’ve been thoroughly professional, and very responsive when we need occasional help. I’m always impressed with their deep technical knowledge that keeps us running.

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Our graphic designer connected us with Valice when we decided to move our website platform to WordPress. As the only employee, I knew that I didn’t have the knowledge to re-engineer our site, nor did I have capacity to make significant changes throughout the year. In addition to the technical expertise, I also needed guidance on best practices and innovation, and training on making simple edits. The Valice team has been a godsend to my tiny nonprofit organization. They are easy to work with, timely in responding, and patient when I need extra explanation or

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Valice created a great website for my business, True North Yoga. I have used Valice for web support and maintenance throughout the past three years as well. Our Valice account manager has been responsive, efficient and friendly. If I have something that needs to be done asap – she’s on it. They’ve also helped me understand WordPress better along the way. I really appreciate having the support!

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Valice has far exceeded our expectations. They helped us make many updates to our websites that improved their speed and our number of web leads. They are always available to answer questions and are super speedy with their replies. I’m very grateful that we made the switch!

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I have been working with Valice on a company website for a few years, they also host our website. Recently I decided it was time to redesign our site. They understood everything I wanted in the new web design and executed the redesign in a very timely manner.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Valice. I would highly recommend all of their services. I am a very satisfied customer!

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Our association has been with Valice since 2012. Going with Valice as our webmaster was the best decision we ever made. Service and support are excellent. With Valice’s help, we have updated our website twice. The most recent update was this year (2023). Every time we have a question, it is answered quickly and the solution provided works! Thank you.

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Amazing work, communication is phenomenal! We use Valice to host our business page and we could not be happier!

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This is a great company. Very knowledgeable. Great customer service. Complete web development and hosting service. Thanks VALICE for all you do!

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I’ve worked with the Valice crew for 10 years. They have continued to innovate as a company and always have the customer in mind when designing new products and services. We’ll have all our web properties there for many years to come.

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