Professional support and assistance with your website, hosting and email

All Valice accounts have access to our documentation and ticketing system for hosting, website, and email support and tutorials. For customers looking for a professional partner to keep online operations running smoothly, check out our Membership Plans.

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Friendly help starts here.

Membership Plans from $25 /month

Subscribe to a membership plan for seamless service and remote hands support from our friendly team of professionals. We’re uniquely equipped and capable of helping you with everything from web edits, troubleshooting, email setup, DNS management, and more.

Just Need a One-Time Service?

If you just need a one-time service from Valice, select an option below:

Tune Up

$150 /website

A one-time, as-needed engagement to get your WordPress installation up-to-date and provide findings and recommendations for a more performant and accessible web presence.


  • Valice will test and run your core WordPress update.
    Core WordPress Updates
  • Valice will test and run your WordPress plugin updates.
    Plugin Updates
  • Valice will test and run your WordPress theme updates.
    Theme Updates
  • Valice will review your website code for any errors and report any findings and recommendations.
    Code Review
  • Valice will test your website for accessibility and report any findings and recommendations.
    Accessibility Review
  • Valice will scan your website for any security issues or vulnerabilities and report any findings that we can’t immediately resolve.
    Security Scan
  • If not yet configured, Valice will configure WP Toolkit update and security settings. If already configured, Valice will review all settings and update anything necessary.
    WP Toolkit Setup
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One-Time Service


Need a website edit or service assistance but don’t have a membership? Submit your request using the link below.


  • Send us your copy, inputs, images, and files for us to configure a new web page on your site.
    Web Page Additions
  • Adjustments to the organization of your navigation menu including new pages, links, etc.
    Menu Changes
  • Edits to existing web page content.
    Content Edits
  • Not loving how something is looking? We can make minor CSS or HTML adjustments within the confines of your CMS (e.g. WordPress).
    Minor Layout Adjustments
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Remote Hands Session


Need to hop on a screenshare for one-time technical support assistance? Use the link below to schedule a session.


  • Scheduled within 1 business day
  • We can assist with anything related to your services at Valice.
    One-on-one technical support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Valice provide 24/7 support?

Valice provides 24/7 monitoring of our environment and infrastructure in order to maintain critical uptime and availability. We are not here 24/7 for service and customer support. Individual website, email, or DNS outages due to factors outside of Valice’s environment and infrastructure, while impactful and stressful, are not guaranteed to be responded to or resolved outside of business hours. We do have staff who check in outside of business hours and we will do our best to help you troubleshoot or resolve your outage but cannot guarantee our availability or attention during these windows.

If you are planning to do major updates outside of business hours and want Valice’s attention or assistance, we welcome this. We provide this kind of coordinated, after-hours availability as part of our VIP membership plan and entertain one-time engagements as well.

Is my site backed up?

Vailce takes nightly backups of the entire hosting environment for disaster recovery purposes. You can (and should) take snapshot backups before you do major updates on your website.

We retain 365 days of website backups for every hosted website. Should you need us to restore your website from one of our backups, we can assist with that. If you’re restoring a backup from the last 14 days, that service is free to all customers. Members have an extended 365-day restore period.

What if my site gets “hacked”?

If you detect that your website has been compromised, we recommend that you immediately password protect it to prevent it from infecting visitors with spyware or malware. If we detect a compromise during a regular Valice security scan, we will take this action on your behalf and contact you so that we can work to restore a backup from prior to the intrusion and remediate the vulnerability.

Can I use Valice for website editing?

Many website owners prefer to stay hands-off and leave the edits and updates to the pros. Providing ongoing website edits and updates is lot of what we do here at Valice each and every day for our members. Membership plans are leveled by the frequency of your service needs.

For sites that just have seasonal needs (e.g. event websites), we provide seasonal editing and development plans for that as well. Reach out to learn more.

How do I get support?

If you don’t find what you need in our documentation, we recommend that you first initiate a ticket from your account. From there, we can complete your service request, answer your question, or hop on a remote hands session if needed. We offer service flexibility through both one-time services and ongoing membership plans.

What’s the different in having a membership plan versus just getting support?

Honestly, a lot. It’s sort of like the difference between a concierge who will make your dinner reservations and take care of your transportation and the front desk who will provide you with their phone number and directions for getting there.

Valice is here to empower the do-it-yourself types who really prefer to control and oversee their own services. We welcome these customers and are here to point them to resources and documentation (or create it if it doesn’t exist) related to what they’re trying to do. Documentation covers everything from domain registrations, DNS management, Valice hosting configurations, core WordPress how-tos, to whatever else we can help answer. We enjoy helping! When these customers run into a roadblock or need a one-time engagement, we have one-time remote hands, WordPress training sessions, or even website edit requests for that.

Memberships provide a more intimate relationship with you and your organization. While performing website edits or email management might be driving reasons why many customers choose to become members, the services and advantages go far beyond that. Simply put, it means we’re part of your team taking care of things like…

  • Ensuring your domains don’t expire (even if your credit card was declined on renewal)
  • Interfacing with plugin developers or other third-party support to report bugs or troubleshoot on your behalf
  • Making ourselves available to coordinate major updates or organizational changes
  • Helping your keep your email secure and working directly with your team members to troubleshoot issues and setup devices
  • Helping you with your connected and related applications including email marketing apps, CRMs, eCommerce systems, payment gateways, etc.

Our members are why we at Valice do what we do and ultimately why we exist as a company.

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What does Valice do to keep my website secure?

Valice provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to all hosting plans. This is configurable in your control panel. the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate will auto renew each quarter as long as all the domains and domain aliases secured on the certificate are pointing to your Valice plan’s IP address.

Valice continuously monitors our environments for suspicious or malicious activity. If we detect such activity on your website we will take action to suspend services immediately, notify you, and work with you to resolve any potential compromise.

Can you provide support for online services not hosted by Valice?

You bet! Our Enhanced membership level and above includes support for other related services. We understand the frustrations many of our customers encounter trying to connect Mailchimp APIs, navigate settings in Mindbody, figure out the two-factor authentication rules in Microsoft 365, and… The list goes on. Valice is uniquely positioned to provide friendly and helpful support for all of these online touch points. For many business, these third-party applications are as critical as their website itself and we’re here to help!

For those that just need assistance one-time with a third-party application, we also have a remote hands service engagement for that.

Is Valice PCI compliant?

Valice maintains our PCI compliance but can not guarantee PCI compliance for your business and the website you may host at Valice because this is your responsibility. That being said, we can definitely help you and your website get there! We can provide you with this service as part of a Pro or VIP membership ongoing; or engage in a one-time service to assist you with your PCI compliance questionnaires and audits as required by your merchant services provider.

Does Valice provide phone support?

We receive service and support requests from a variety of sources. The best way to get on the phone with Valice is to request or schedule a call back from within your account. We’ve found that the most effective support we can provide is on a scheduled call and screen share.

Scheduling calls also helps us provide fairness in our responsiveness to your issue or request (no “cuts in line”). In adherence to this fairness, our phone support provides automated remedies to common questions and the ability to leave a message for one of our team members to create a ticket and get back to you.