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Having a Membership Plan helps you get the most out of your services with Valice and your other related technologies.

Follow the lead of other happy Valice clients who utilize Valice to oversee the care and maintenance of hosted technology services including web hosting, email, and connected web based applications.

There are few limits to the scope of support that our experts at Valice will help you with. Membership Plans are a partnership to close the loop on your online operation needs.

The entire team at Valice are an incredible asset to our business! They helped modernize our website and built us multiple custom plugins to make our website standout from the competition. Besides being very talented at what they do what…
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Explore and compare Membership Plan benefits below:

General Benefits

General troubleshooting

Hands-on assistance with all aspects of your Valice services including hosting control panel management, website help, and email issues.

Scheduled screenshare sessions

Schedule next day sessions with Valice for troubleshooting, website editing assistance, email help, and more.

Google Services support

Access and help configuring Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google APIs (e.g. maps, translate).

third party applications

You can provide us access to your related third-party applications related to your services (e.g. Mailchimp, Mindbody, Shopify, Stripe) for setup assistance and ongoing technical help.

third party hosting

Valice will assist you with managing hosting services outside the Valice environment including setup, configuration, and troubleshooting.

security audit support

We will engage with your internal IT department or third-party vendors to complete PCI compliance questionnaires and coordinate security scans.

priortiy service

First-in-line service request handling and high-priority requests.

budgeting and planning

We’ll work with you to map out your upcoming projects related to your services including hourly forecasts and timelines.

Website Benefits

Best Practice guidance and configuration

We will work with you to ensure your hosting and website configurations are optimized for your needs with regard to security, performance, and maintainability.

White glove wordpress migrations

If you’re moving your WordPress website to Valice, we’ll conduct a thorough code and security review and apply any fixes necessary.

Website Edits

Covers any edit in your WordPress or other CMS dashboard including page additions, page edits, menu changes, image replacements, and more. Simply make a ticket from your account and it’ll be completed within one business day.

WordPress Plugin REcommendations

Before you install a plugin, check in with Valice WordPress pros to provide recommendations.

manged WordPress updates

For members with WordPress websites, we’ll oversee your core WordPress updates and plugin updates and address any potential conflicts or issues.

valicewp wordpress plugin

For members with WordPress websites, the ValiceWP plugin will be installed which allows us access to your dashboard, additional layers of security, connect to your Google Analytics account, and manage your sitemap.

365 day backup retention

Nightly backups of your websites and free restores for any snapshot within a 365 day rolling period.

scheduled edits

Request a change to be made on a certain future date and time within business hours.

WordPress plugin reviews

Lean on Valice to perform a code review of any plugin you’re interested in before you install it on your production site. We’ll provide an evaluation and recommended alternatives if we don’t find it to be stable and secure.

Coordinated After-Hours Deploys

We’ll coordinate and plan for major code deploys outside of regular business hours.

Email Benefits

Mailbox additions / removals

We will setup your new user mailboxes and assist with getting them access to email. We will also assist with mailbox removals and forwarding configurations.

mail client and device configuration

Remote hands for assisting you and your users with mail client (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, etc) and mobile device setup.

email security monitoring

We monitor activity on your domain to identify suspicious activity to detect intrusion.

General troubleshooting

Assistance with any general email questions or problems.

forwarding and alias setups

Configure group maiboxes, aliases, forwards, and other feature setup based on what your email platform supports.

Domain Benefits


We will auto-renew the domains you have registered at Valice. In the event that your domain expires due to non-payment, we will cover the renewal.

dns Management

You can send any DNS entry changes on any of your domains to us for completion.

registrations and brokering

We can register new domains for you and assist with helping broker domains which are unavailable.

forwarding and alias setups

We’ll configure domain forwarding, aliases, and redirects.

cloudflare support

If you use Cloudflare for DNS management, you can add Valice as a user to assist with configurations and changes.

While the above is a comprehensive list, it’s not an exhaustive one. If you have questions about a service listed or not listed before getting started, schedule a call, or send us a message.

Membership Levels



per month

Suited for those who have a service need about once per quarter or a few times per year.



per month

Unlock additional services and authorized users and designed for weekly requests or a few per month.



per month

Allows for the highest frequency of service requests for businesses with regular updates or setups and adds support for websites hosted outside Valice.



per month

A partnership for organizations with ongoing projects and consultant-level service requirements.