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Valice provides flexible shared web hosting solutions for Linux operating systems.

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Shared Web Hosting Features

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Management control panel
  • Configurable backups
  • SSD hard drives
  • Modern, stable PHP and MariaDB
  • Domain and DNS management

If you’re looking for a larger hosting solution with greater flexibility and control, we also provide VPS hosting solutions.

I’ve worked with the Valice crew for 10 years. They have continued to innovate as a company and always have the customer in mind when designing new products and services. We’ll have all our web properties there for many years…
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Shared Hosting Plans

Micro Hosting

$10 /month

Suited for a Personal Website
A basic plan designed to run a small blog or website.


  • 5GB SSD storage
  • 50GB bandwidth
  • Plesk control panel
  • An SSL certificate will be renewed automatically and free of charge through Let’s Encrypt. Valice will manage all renewals and installations.
    Free SSL
  • Host up to 5 domains in your hosting space. Resources are shared between the sites.
    5 domains
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Standard Hosting

$20 /month

Suited for Businesses
More resources to power your business, nonprofit or eCommerce website.


  • 5GB SSD storage
  • 50GB bandwidth
  • Plesk control panel
  • An SSL certificate will be renewed automatically and free of charge through Let’s Encrypt. Valice will manage all renewals and installations.
    Free SSL
  • Host up to 5 domains in your hosting space. Resources are shared between the sites.
    5 domains
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Need more resources? We offer higher-tier plans. Let’s connect to build you a quote.

More About Our Hosting

Valice never has, and never will, skimp on security or performance to make a few extra bucks. We pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class hosting across all plan levels.


Let’s be real. Optimizing site speed and caring about resource consumption is good for everyone: site visitors, search engines, site owners, US, and heck even the environment. We’re not interested in selling you unnecessary storage and memory when we can provide guidance for making your website run faster and leaner.

Intrusion Detection

We will watch out for malicious and suspicious activity on your website and limit or password protect your website immediately. We’ll inform you and help in any way possible to remedy the issue and get you back up and running.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my website hosted?

Valice owns, operates and maintains all of the physical equipment that powers our hosting environment. We are colocated in a state-of-the-art datacenter in Boise, Idaho. Your site is hosted on a redundant, virtualized infrastructure and backed-up to an offsite cloud environment for disaster recovery purposes.

What if my site gets “hacked”?

If you detect that your website has been compromised, we recommend that you immediately password protect it to prevent it from infecting visitors with spyware or malware. If we detect a compromise during a regular Valice security scan, we will take this action on your behalf and contact you so that we can work to restore a backup from prior to the intrusion and remediate the vulnerability.

What does Valice do to keep my website secure?

Valice provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to all hosting plans. This is configurable in your control panel. the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate will auto renew each quarter as long as all the domains and domain aliases secured on the certificate are pointing to your Valice plan’s IP address.

Valice continuously monitors our environments for suspicious or malicious activity. If we detect such activity on your website we will take action to suspend services immediately, notify you, and work with you to resolve any potential compromise.

Is Valice HIPAA compliant?

Hosting companies should not claim to be HIPAA compliant on behalf of their customers. We do not and cannot control what data you collect from site visitors and users; nor can we control what you do with that data. That being said, we can help you through this process. We work with many medical providers with whom we have helped work through this process while still utilizing the efficiencies of collecting this data through their websites. We can engage in development services to help you build HIPAA compliant web forms and portals. Let’s connect to learn more!

Does Valice offer unlimited resources like those other guys?

Well, the short answer is no, because we’re truthful. The reality is there’s no such thing as unlimited anything as far as server resources go, and those that are making those types of marketing claims are being dishonest.


Are there hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth plans? Yes, but what does that actually mean? For some it means they’ll put caps on speed, or limits on the number of visitors your site can have at one time. For others it means putting restrictions on what you’re allowed to upload to your site. Sure you can have unlimited bandwidth but you aren’t allowed to upload audio or video files or anything else that’s going to consume bandwidth.

File Storage:

Unlimited “file storage,” maybe. Ask them how many inodes you’re allowed to consume. Whoa what!? Inode!? Well, if you’re not interested in learning all about it, it’s basically a term that represents how many files you’re allowed to create. So sure you can have unlimited “storage” as long as you don’t exceed the number of files you’re allowed to create.

The bottom line, don’t let the numbers fool you.

If you’re trying to order a hosting plan and you see * ** ¹ ² ³ § §§ + ++ ° °° all over the place and links to disclaimers and other fine print make sure you know what you’re getting into. Just so you know though, the resource allocations we provide here at Valice are real and genuine. If your plan allows for 50GB of disk space, you get that. If it allows for 2GB of memory or 500GB of data transfer, you get that.

We don’t claim to provide services that are technically infeasible. We are upfront about our resource allocations and are always here and happy to help pick the plan that’s right for you.

What’s the different in having a membership plan versus just getting support?

Honestly, a lot. It’s sort of like the difference between a concierge who will make your dinner reservations and take care of your transportation and the front desk who will provide you with their phone number and directions for getting there.

Valice is here to empower the do-it-yourself types who really prefer to control and oversee their own services. We welcome these customers and are here to point them to resources and documentation (or create it if it doesn’t exist) related to what they’re trying to do. Documentation covers everything from domain registrations, DNS management, Valice hosting configurations, core WordPress how-tos, to whatever else we can help answer. We enjoy helping! When these customers run into a roadblock or need a one-time engagement, we have one-time remote hands, WordPress training sessions, or even website edit requests for that.

Memberships provide a more intimate relationship with you and your organization. While performing website edits or email management might be driving reasons why many customers choose to become members, the services and advantages go far beyond that. Simply put, it means we’re part of your team taking care of things like…

  • Ensuring your domains don’t expire (even if your credit card was declined on renewal)
  • Interfacing with plugin developers or other third-party support to report bugs or troubleshoot on your behalf
  • Making ourselves available to coordinate major updates or organizational changes
  • Helping your keep your email secure and working directly with your team members to troubleshoot issues and setup devices
  • Helping you with your connected and related applications including email marketing apps, CRMs, eCommerce systems, payment gateways, etc.

Our members are why we at Valice do what we do and ultimately why we exist as a company.

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Can I transfer my site to Valice?

You sure can and if needed, we’ll be there every step of the way. Our white glove migrations and onboarding include code and security reviews to ensure that you’re starting fresh with Valice even if it’s an older site. White glove migrations are free for members or start at $150 for non-members.

We’re eager to learn more, let’s connect!

Is Valice PCI compliant?

Valice maintains our PCI compliance but can not guarantee PCI compliance for your business and the website you may host at Valice because this is your responsibility. That being said, we can definitely help you and your website get there! We can provide you with this service as part of a Pro or VIP membership ongoing; or engage in a one-time service to assist you with your PCI compliance questionnaires and audits as required by your merchant services provider.

What if I go over my storage (disk space) or bandwidth?

Valice allows all of its customer to over-consume storage and bandwidth resources. We’ll let you know when it happens with some options to reduce consumption, or upgrade, but none of your services will be impacted or suspended when this happens.

Can I increase my hosting resources (disk space, bandwidth, memory)?

All Valice hosting plans allow you to scale your allotted disk space and bandwidth from within your account. Below are the current rates for these resources:

Shared or WP Web Hosting

  • disk space – $0.50 /GB /month
  • bandwidth – $0.10 /GB /month

All resources on VPS hosting plans are configurable including disk space, bandwidth, memory and CPU.

Click here for documentation on how to adjust your resources.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Schedule a free consultation with a Valice Pro.