Sensible email for individuals and small businesses

Our affordable Basic and Business Email solutions will work on all your mobile devices and preferred desktop clients (Outlook, Gmail, Mail, etc).

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Basic & Business Email

Basic email and Business email are great solutions for businesses and individuals who need just a few email addresses on their domain. These services are lightweight and affordable.

Email Support Services

Valice offers Membership Plans for ongoing email support service assistance including device configuration, new user setups, mailbox rule configurations, routing assistance, and more. We can also provide one-time remote-hands services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Valice transfer my old emails to my new Valice email?

If your former email server supports IMAP or POP connections and you know your former username, password, and server address; You can use the Mailbox Migration tool to import emails from another account into your new email account at Valice. Your storage level will need to be configured to match and exceed what needs to be imported. Once this process is complete, you can remove your old profile in all of your devices and email applications and your new Valice email can be added with all of your old emails intact. If you need assistance with this process, Valice provides that free of charge for members or can engage with you as a one-time service.

Does Valice offer Microsoft 365 or Gmail (Google Workspace) support?

You betcha! While we provide our own basic and business email hosting, we understand that many organizations are better suited to utilize large provider solutions including Microsoft 365 and Gmail. We are well versed in both platforms and can provide you and your organization email support on each of these platforms through our membership plans.

Looking to make a switch or evaluate which platform is right for your organization’s needs? We can help with that too. Let’s connect!

What email applications can I use to check my Valice email?

Valice email can be configured in any mail application that supports the popular IMAP protocol. IMAP allows you to sync your incoming and sent messages across multiple devices (phone, desktop, etc). The messages are stored on the mail server and synced to your IMAP configured devices and applications. You can also always check your email directly on the server through the webmail interface at Our documentation provides common mail application setup steps.

Valice members can access our remote hands for setting up new mailbox users and getting their devices configured. Additionally, we provide any ongoing troubleshooting or mail client settings changes to our members. One-time services are welcomed as well through a scheduled remote hands service session. Click here for more information on email support.

Popular supported desktop and mobile email applications supported:

How does my email storage work with Valice Email?

Valice provides pooled storage. This means that the level of storage that you are allocated and pay for each month, can be shared across all users. A key feature, however, is this can be configured. Each individual mailbox can be limited in the amount of storage it is allowed to consume. Click here to learn how to set this. If they exceed that storage, they will be presented with a notice that they have run into their mailbox storage limits and can no longer send or receive emails. This provides organizations with flexibility to limit some users in certain use cases.

When you reach 90% of your pooled storage limit on your plan, Valice will auto-upgrade your storage. If you are on monthly billing the additional storage will be reflected on your next billing cycle. If you are on annual billing, you will be charged a pro-rated upgrade. Email storage is billed at a rate of $0.50 /GB / month.

Can I increase my email resources (disk space, mailboxes)?

Yes! Email storage and the number of mailboxes on your plan can be increased and we’ll automatically scale your disk space as you approach your limit so that you don’t miss any emails. The rates for additional disk space and mailboxes are below:

Valice Basic Email

  • disk space – $0.50 /GB /month
  • mailboxes – $0.25 /mailbox /month

Valice Business Email

  • disk space – $0.50 /GB /month
  • mailboxes – $1.75 /mailbox /month

Click here for documentation on how to adjust your resources.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Schedule a free consultation with a Valice Pro.