Don’t Let The Numbers Fool You

Don’t Let The Numbers Fool You

Sometimes we get asked questions like “How come I can get 3 gazillion bandwidth thingies over at this other place?”, or, “How come your plan doesn’t offer me unlimited file storage like those other guys?”

Well, the short answer is, because we’re truthful. The reality is there’s no such thing as unlimited anything as far as server resources go, and those that are making those types of marketing claims are being dishonest.


Are there hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth plans? Yes, but what does that actually mean? For some it means they’ll put caps on speed, or limits on the number of visitors your site can have at one time. For others it means putting restrictions on what you’re allowed to upload to your site. Sure you can have unlimited bandwidth but you aren’t allowed to upload audio or video files or anything else that’s going to consume bandwidth.

File Storage

Unlimited “file storage,” maybe. Ask them how many inodes you’re allowed to consume. Whoa what!? Inode!? Well, if you’re not interested in learning all about it, it’s basically a term that represents how many files you’re allowed to create. So sure you can have unlimited “storage” as long as you don’t exceed the number of files you’re allowed to create.

The bottom line, don’t let the numbers fool you.

If you’re trying to order a hosting plan and you see * ** ¹ ² ³ § §§ + ++ ° °° all over the place and links to disclaimers and other fine print make sure you know what you’re getting into. Just so you know though, the resource allocations we provide here at Valice are real and genuine. If your plan allows for 50GB of disk space, you get that. If it allows for 2GB of memory or 500GB of data transfer, you get that.

We don’t claim to provide services that are technically infeasible. We are upfront about our resource allocations and are always here and happy to help pick the plan that’s right for you.