This plugin allows you to securely send emails from your WordPress website. 

WP Mail SMTP plugin allows you to easily reconfigure the wp_mail() function to use a trusted SMTP provider.

WP Mail SMTP plugin includes four different SMTP setup options:

  1. Mailgun SMTP
  2. SendGrid SMTP
  3. Gmail SMTP
  4. All Other SMTP

Recommended Configuration

  • Navigate to “Settings” > “WP Mail SMTP”
  • Enter the email address you would like all emails to appear to come from (e.g. no-reply@example.com)
  • Enter the name you would like all emails to appear to come from (e.g. your company name or name)
  • Choose your mailer method. We recommend Other SMTP as it doesn’t require an additional subscription and mail will be sent from your own email account (or a system account provided to you if you have a Managed WordPress Hosting service)
  • Check the “Return Path” box
  • The next fields will be specific to your email provider.

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