WordPress Visibility Settings

The visibility settings for your post, page or custom post type controls who can see the content. 

For sake of simplicity, we will use “Post” in the information below to represent Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types.

Post Visibility Options


Public visibility is the default Visibility setting for a new Post. This means that once Published, all visitors to the website can view the Post.

Password Protected

Posts can be password protected by a global password. 


A Private Post is only visible to Logged In WordPress Users.

Changing the Post Visibility

The Post Visbility can be changed in the Post Editor Screen.

Post Editor

Navigate to “Posts” (or “Pages” or the name of your custom post type) or click “Edit” in the WordPress toolbar while previewing the post.

In the right document settings column, click on the current visibility selection and choose a new value from the radio fields.

Classic Editor:

In the upper right corner in the publish box, click “Edit” next the Visibility field and select the new option.

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