WordPress Reading Settings

The reading settings determine what is displayed on your homepage and where to view your main post archive (posts page). This is an important setting to visit upon installing WordPress.

  • Your homepage displays – If you select “your latest posts” then your home page will be a loop of your most recent posts. Alternatively, if you select “A static page” then you can choose a Page in your website to be your homepage (the Page a visitor sees when they type in your domain name into a web browser). Additionally, you can select a “Post page” as another Page in your website which will become the main Archive view of your Posts and thus overwrite any other content you had on that page. If you do not plan to write posts, we recommend just leaving this “Posts page” field blank.
  • Blog pages show at most – This is the number of posts that will be displayed on all archive views on your website and your homepage if it is configured to display your latest posts.
  • Syndication feeds show the most recent – If enabled, your RSS feed will display this number of posts. 
  • For each post in a feed, include – This determines what is displayed in your RSS feed. Further Reading – https://wordpress.org/support/article/glossary/#feed
  • Search Engine Visibility – When you check this box, you are blocking search engines like Google from crawling and indexing all of your website content.

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