WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Valice is keenly familiar with many free and premium plugins that we have found to be reliable, stable, and well-supported.

Our Go-To Plugins ๐Ÿ†

Free plugins

The plugins below are free and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory.


A simple plugin that allows you to create tables. Features include ability to import from CSV/Excel, customize the styling/output, sort by your table headers.

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Banner Alerts

Designed by Valice, this lightweight plugin allows you to post custom alerts to notify your website visitors of promotions, alerts, events, etc. These display at the top of the website (can be configured to display anywhere on the site) until they are dismissed by the visitor. Any new visitor who has not been to the website will see these until they are dismissed.

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Sortable Post Types

Designed by Valice, this simple plugin provides an interface to drag and drop your posts and custom post types in their desired order on the page. A great solution for pages that list team members, job openings, or programs.

WP Accessibility

For those who don’t want to incur the cost of a more robust accessibility solution, this plugin is the next best option. While it doesn’t guarantee that your website will comply with all accessibility guidelines but it does provides some simple tools to address some of the most common issues including contrast, link identification, image descriptions, etc. It includes a simple widget on the front end to allow users to adjust font sizes and contrast.

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Google Text to Speech

Use the power of Google’s text to speech API to provide audio versions of your page and post content. English and Spanish languages are supported, making this an excellent tool to enhance website accessibility.

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Other Plugins We Support ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ

  • MemberPress
  • User Role Editor
  • User Switching
  • Easy Appointments
  • Smash Balloon Feeds
  • Mail Poet
  • FacetWP
  • WP Document Revisions
  • Optin Monster
  • Relevanssi
  • Pods
  • Sensei LMS

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