WordPress Menus

You can edit or create navigation menus in the WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance” > “Menus”

Select the menu you wish to edit or click “Create a new menu” at the top of the screen.

Adding Menu Items

You can add individual pages, posts and custom posts to a menu. You can also add categories, tags or other custom taxonomies. Many plugins will include additional menu item field sets. For example, when the WooCommerce plugin is installed and active you will find WooCommerce Endpoints which include things like a login or logout links, account page, etc.

  • Select an item from the left (e.g. a page or post)
  • Click “Add to Menu” below the list of items
  • The item will now appear the bottom of the menu
  • Click “save” to save your changes

If you do not see a specific post type or category, click “screen options” at the top of your page and make sure that the post type or category is checked to display on the screen. This will make the items become available to add to your menu. If your website has a lot of posts and post types, you may want to leave these unchecked in the screen options as it helps the menu editing page load faster.

Rearranging Menu Items

To reorder your menu items, simple drag the item in the menu above or below the other menu items. If you drag an item below and to the right of another item, it will become a submenu item. Click save to save your changes.

Removing and Modifying Menu Items

Click on the down carat next to the menu item to make adjustments to the menu item. From here you can:

  • Remove the menu item
  • Change the label (by default this is the name of the page/post/category/etc.)
  • Specify the alt text of the menu item
  • Decide if you wish to open the menu item in a new tab or window
  • Apply a CSS class
  • Add a description (if this is supported in your theme or menu plugin (e.g. Mega Menu) it will display text under your menu item)

If you do not see some of the options below, check your Screen Options as described above.

Displaying a Menu in Your Website

At the bottom of the menu editing screen of the selected menu, you will find a setting called “Display location.” These areas are determined by your WordPress theme and will display in various locations depending on what you select (e.g. “Primary” is often the name used to refer to the theme’s primary menu and “Footer” is often the name used to refer to a menu displayed in your theme’s footer)

You can also add menus to widget areas by using the “Navigation Menu” widget and selecting any one of your menus to be displayed. 

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