Web Presence Builder

Some Plesk control panels include a Web Presence Builder, a very basic and easy-to-use website builder. Below is a short introduction on the basic workflow, concepts and functionality of the Parallels Web Presence Builder. 

From your Valice Account (my.valice.com), connect to your Plesk Control Panel

  1. Navigate to your “My Services” page and click into the corresponding hosting subscription
  2. At the bottom of the screen click “Login to Plesk Control Panel.” If you do not see this option, you will need to login to Plesk directly. If you do not have this URL, please contact Valice support.
  3. In the “Websites & Domains” tab of your Plesk control panel, under “Parallels Presence Builder,” click “Create Site.”
  4. This will launch the Web Presence Builder where you can select from starting templates and then build and customize your website using a very simple interface.
  5. The user guide below  will provide you with information on the tools and functions you can use to build your website.

Web Presence Builder 12.0 User Guide

If you prefer remote hands from a friendly Valice support professional to assist you, we have membership plans for that. Or if you just want one-time help, click here to schedule a session.