Add or Modify Your Payment Method

Keeping a valid payment method (credit card) on your Account will ensure that renewal orders are processed before expiring and losing associated services.

Important Notice: Failure to have a valid payment method on file means that order will need to be manually processed and could result in a loss or disruption of services.

Modify your Payment Method

Your default payment method is configured on your account. This can be set as either Check/Money Order or Credit Card. You also have the ability to override this at the order or invoice level.

Log in to and follow these steps:

Single Invoice Change

  1. Navigate to “Billing” > “My Invoices”
  2. Select the invoice from the list (click on the Invoice number)
  3. While viewing the invoice, use the dropdown in the right hand section under “Payment Method” and make your change

Account Level Change

  1. Navigate to “Account Details
  2. In the “Default Payment” field, select “Check/Money Order” or “Credit Card”
  3. Click “Save Changes”

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