Mark an Email Message as Spam and Block a Sender

If you receive an unwanted, spam email message in your inbox, you can mark this message as spam through your Basic or Business Email service webmail interface. You can also block the sender so that they can’t send you messages in the future.

Mark a Message as Spam

Log into your webmail

  1. Navigate to your inbox
  2. Select the message(s) that you want to mark as spam
  3. With the message(s) selected, click “Actions” > “Mark” > “Spam”

Your email uses Bayesian filtering to evaluate the header and content of an incoming message and determine the probability that it is spam. This type of spam filtering “learns” to differentiate real mail from unwanted junk mail by examining the words and punctuation in large samples of both types of messages. As a result, every time you mark a message as spam, the Bayesian filtering improves.

Block a Sender

  1. Navigate to your inbox
  2. Select the message(s) from a sender that you wish to block
  3. With the messages(s) selected, click “Actions” > “Block Sender”

This prevents the sender of the selected message(s) from sending any more messages to the account.


Many unwanted messages that appear to be spam could be coming from a whitelist mail service like Constant Contact or Mailchimp. While you may not have subscribed or intended to subscribe to these lists, marking them as spam or blocking the sender may not prevent the messages from coming because they could be sent from alternate email addresses. It is always best to use the “unsubscribe” option on these messages to ensure that you do not receive them in the future.

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