Managing Account Contacts

Account Administrators can add, remove and edit other Contacts and Sub-Accounts on their account.

Contact: A Contact is someone who can receive email notifications related to your account as defined by you when you create them.

User: a User is a Contact who can also login to your account and perform various functions based on the permissions you set for them (such as the ability to create support tickets).

Log in to and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Contacts” from the left column, or navigate to “Hello, {your_name}” in the top navigation bar and click “Contacts/Sub-Accounts”
  2. Click “Add New” to create a Contact from the dashboard, or from the “Choose Contact” dropdown field on the Contacts/Sub-Accounts page (read more)
  3. To remove or edit an exiting Contact, click on that Contact’s name in the dashboard, or select them from the “Choose Contact” dropdown field on the Contacts/Sub-Accounts page
  4. Edit or complete the contact detail fields
  5. To activate a Sub-Account, check the “Activate Sub-Account” checkbox and assign the Sub-Account a password and permissions
  6. Click “Save Changes”

*Note: The Account Administrator will be copied on all support ticket email communication with any Sub-Account.

Adding a New Account Contact

  1. All of the fields First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address 1, City, State/Region, Zip Code and country must be filled out. The email address must be unique
  2. If this contact needs to have Sub-Account login access, check “Tick to configure as a sub-account with client area access” and select which permissions you wish to grant the Sub-Account and create a password
  3. Email Preferences determine what types of emails Sub-Accounts and Contacts should receive
  4. Click “Save Changes” to finish creating the Contact or Sub-Account

User Permissions

  1. Modify Master Account Profile: Allows the Sub-Account to change/modify the Primary/Master Account contact/Profile
  2. View Products & Services: Allows the Sub-Account view the hosting and email subscriptions in your Account
  3. Perform Single Sign-On: Allows the Sub-Account to use trusted applications and third parties to authenticate users into
  4. Manage Domain Settings: Allows the Sub-Account to view and manage domains registered to your Account (update Name Servers, lock/unlock domain(s), update domain contacts)
  5. View & Accept Quotes: Allows the Sub-Account to view and accept quotes prepared for the Account
  6. View & Manage Affiliate Account: Not in use
  7. Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations: Allows the Sub-Account to order and upgrade services
  8. View & Manage Contacts: Allows the Sub-Account to add, remove and modify other Account Contacts
  9. View and Modify Product Passwords: Allows the Sub-Account to configure Control Panel access for applicable subscriptions
  10. View Domains: Allows the Sub-Account to view domains registered or tied to subscriptions
  11. View & Pay Invoices: Allows the Sub-Account to view invoices and manage payment methods
  12. View & Open Support Tickets: Allows the Sub-Account to view past and current service and support tickets
  13. View Emails: Allows the Sub-Account to view all email correspondence between and the Account

Common User Permission Combinations

Access to your Plesk Control Panel (for applicable Shared and Managed hosting plans)

  • View Products & Services
  • View & Modify Product Passwords

Create Service and Support Tickets

  • View & Open Support Tickets

Access to Manage DNS Zones

Sub-Accounts have this ability without any additional permissions

Billing Management

  • View & Pay Invoices
  • Email Preference: Invoice

IT Support

  • View Products & Services
  • View & Modify Product Passwords
  • View Domains
  • Manage Domain Settings
  • View Emails
  • View & Managed Contacts
  • Email Preference: Support

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