Mailbox Size Exceeded

If you receive a notification about the size limit of the mailbox being exceeded, please proceed with one of the following options:

  1. Add more disk space to the email domain
  2. Delete unneeded or unwanted emails (make sure you go into the Trash to permanently delete them from the mail server)

Increase the disk space for the mailbox

Log into your webmail

  1. Check your disk space usage.
  2. Under Disk Space Limits you will see your disk space limit. The Limit can be increased by an Administrator
  3. Administrators: navigate to Settings > Domain Settings > Users
  4. Select the mailbox (checkmark), then click on “Edit”
  5. Under Mailbox Size Limit (this is in Megabytes so 1024 is equal to 1 Gigabyte) enter a value for the limit (disk space is pooled throughout all mailboxes so if you allow one mailbox too much, it may consume all of the disk space allowed on the subscription and affect all mailboxes on the domain)
  6. Click “Save” to complete the disk space limit change

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