Google Search Console

Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) allows you to manage your website’s search appearance in Google. It is often most useful in initiating a crawl from Google to index your site when your pages are not appearing in search results.

Signup for Google Search Console

The first step is to create a Google Search Console account. If you already have services with Google (e.g. email or YouTube or Analytics), you can create the Search Console services under that existing account. Use the link below to setup Google Search Console:

Verify Your Website

Google Search Console will require you to verify that you own your website.  You can do this by either creating a DNS Entry on your domain or by uploading a file to your website root folder. We recommend the file upload method because it is typically quicker. See links below for assistance creating a DNS zone entry or uploading a file to your file manager:

Plesk File Manager

Manage DNS

Submit Your Sitemap

Log into Google Search Console and select your property (if you have more than one property/domain). In the left navigation, you will see a link for “Sitemaps.” Click into Sitemaps to submit or modify your sitemap URL.

If you have a WordPress site, enter: wp-sitemap.xml in this field after your domain name and click submit.

This will initiate a crawl for your website to index your pages and posts.

If you prefer remote hands from a friendly Valice support professional to assist you, we have membership plans for that. Or if you just want one-time help, click here to schedule a session.