Custom Post Types

Let’s start with an example of a non-custom post type. WordPress comes with two post types out of the box: Posts (aka, blog posts) and Pages. 

So, WordPress is built using a framework of posts; everything you publish in WordPress is a kind of post. The really powerful thing about WordPress is that we can use that framework to create any type of post we want. That is, we can create our own…custom post types. 

Examples of Custom Post Types include:

  • Staff Directories
  • Work Examples
  • Case Studies
  • Service Areas
  • Image or video galleries

Additionally, many popular plugins or themes will introduce a Custom Post Type as part of its functionality. Examples include:

  • Products (WooCommerce)
  • Alerts (Banner Alerts)

Anyone can make a Custom Post Time. You can create one using a plugin or by customizing your WordPress theme.

Once a Custom Post Type has been configured, you will see it as a Navigation Menu Item in the WordPress Dashboard Main Navigation (left sidebar).

Creating A Custom Post Type Manually in a Theme (advanced)