Banner Alerts

Banner alerts are custom alerts to notify your website visitors of promotions, alerts, events, etc. These display at the top of the website (or wherever you have specified them to display in your theme) until they are dismissed by the visitor. Any new visitor who has not been to the website will see these until they are dismissed. 

Banner alerts are configured just like a post or page with support for title, content and link to read more. You can run more than one alert at a time and activate or deactivate as needed.

This plugin is great for: 

  • Technical notices
  • Time-sensitive appeals for donation or action
  • Terms or agreement changes
  • Privacy notice acknowledgements
  • Special offers or promotions
  • Service outage or maintenance message

Banner Alert Settings

You must configure the settings before alerts will display on your website.  From the WordPress dashaboard, navigate to Settings > Banner Alerts

From here you can decide whether or not to display the title of the alert and a read more that will link to the post itself. Additionally, you can determine if you want to display the full content, the excerpt or no content under the title, etc.

Adding New Alerts:

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Alerts

  1. Add New
  2. Enter Title
  3. In the Text box, enter your content text for the alert, you can also add an image here.
  4. Click blue “Publish” button on right-hand side.
  5. Make sure to move the alerts to the trash when they are no longer applicable. 

NOTE: When the visitor clicks ‘dismiss’ it sets a cookie so that it won’t reappear for them. For this reason, it is very important to move to it to trash when it is no longer applicable.

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