Adjusting a User’s Storage Limits

The default disk space limit for each user is 1024MB (1 GB). Users will receive notices as they approach this limit and if the limit is reached, mail is rejected. This value can be set to “0” to remove the limit altogether, or to any other value.

Please be aware that in the reporting section of the webmail interface, the Max Disk reported will be the total of each users’ disk space limits which may exceed what is actually allocated and available to the entire subscription.

For information on adding disk space to the entire subscription, click here.

Instructions for an Email Domain Administrator to adjust a User’s storage limits

Log into your webmail

  1. Click on “Settings” 
  2. Click on Domain Settings > Users, once in Users select the user in question and click on “Edit”
  3. In the “Mailbox Size Limit” enter the desired value (or 0 for unlimited)
  4. Click Save in the top bar

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