Development Support

Support for WordPress websites that need special attention

Most WordPress websites can be updated automatically using WP Toolkit (included with every Managed WP plan at Valice). However, there are a few exceptions where some aspect of a website--maybe some custom code in a theme, or a quirky yet essential plugin--prevents the site from being automatically updated without an issue, conflict, or error.

At most hosts, you'd be left on your own to find a developer to maintain your site. But Valice offers Development Support for the times when your WordPress website needs special treatment.

WordPress Development Support

What is it?

Scheduled updates and code deployment

Development environment and code repository

Custom plugin management

Plugin review and installation

Discounted development rates

Just $60 /month!


Custom code need custom support

Custom plugin management

Sometimes custom code doesn't play nice with WordPress core updates. That's not a problem, but it does require some extra effort to keep a website up to date with the most secure software running along side your customizations.

At Valice, we'll work with you to keep your site updated and customized without your having to go out to find a developer to do it for you. You can keep managing your business, and we'll handle the web tech.

Let us take a look first...

Plugin reviews

Clients approach us all the time saying, "I found this great plugin that flips the magic switch I need!"

But what they may not know is that the same plugin also drags the site's performance way down on Google PageSpeed tests, or it has vulnerabilities, or it conflicts with other software their site is running.

Let Valice steer you clear of lousy web software! With Development Support, we'll review any new plugins you may want to add, and even recommend alternatives that may suit you better.


Membership has its benefits

Discounted development rates

Because Development Support helps folks who have custom code on their site, it's more likely that you'll need some other custom work done in the future (and that THAT code may need ongoing management as well).

So Development Support subscribers enjoy a discounted development rate for actively developed WordPress websites.

Let Valice manage your custom code!

Customized WordPress websites need more ongoing attention, but that doesn't need to break the bank.


Need content edits?

Dedicated Editor

Our Development Support service covers the custom portions of your website. If you want support for content on your pages, articles and posts, sign up for our Dedicated Editor service!

Send us your text updates; we'll publish them for you every day.

Just $35 /month!