Dedicated Editor

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website!

Discover the freedom of effortless website management with Valice's Dedicated Editor service. Don't spend hours about making website updates or worry about hiring additional resources. Our team of WordPress specialists will flawlessly execute your requests ensuring your website stays up to date and engaging.

WordPress content editing services

What is it?

Unlimited content edits

Add new articles and pages, edit existing text, change out images, and more!

No need to edit your own site

Like having a 15-year WordPress veteran on your staff!

Just $35 /month!


Keep your content fresh

Unlimited Content Edits

Send as many content edits as you have our way. We'll queue them up and knock them out! Our Dedicated Editor service allows you to keep your content fresh and up to date at all times.

Here's how it works:

  1. Log in to your Valice account and submit a support ticket detailing the content you'd like us to add or edit
  2. We'll ask clarifying questions if we have any, or else we'll get right to your edit.
  3. Actually, that's about it. It's a pretty straightforward process!

Of course, "unlimited" doesn't mean "infinite." We aim to have a 24-hour turnaround per edit, so that gets you around 22 edits each month. But you can submit as many as you like. We'll work through your queue every day.

Gee, that is fast

Quick Turnaround

Most content edits don't take our team of WordPress experts much time to complete. Valice has been elbow-deep in WordPress for over 15 years.

We'll have most requests complete within one business day. There are always exceptions, but those go both ways. Some edits require some extra time to get right, and sometimes the whole process takes an hour or two.


Let Valice publish your content!

Send your WordPress website edits to Valice. Our Dedicated Editor service is like having a 15-year WordPress veteran on your staff!


Need special content edits?

E-Commerce Support

Valice's Dedicated Editor service covers edits on typical WordPress post types (pages and posts) and standard widget areas. eCommerce and LMS sites need some extra touch.

But fear not! We have e-Commerce Support for WooCommerce and Shopify users, too! For only $45 /month, Valice will help manage your online store:

  • WooCommerce or Shopify management
  • LMS management and updates
  • Extension evaluations, recommendations, and installations
  • Add and edit products,
  • Configure promotions
  • Tax rate management
  • Shipping functionality management
  • Third party integration management
  • Just $45 /month!