Value + Service

Valice began providing website design and hosting solutions well before the age of mobile computing and lightning fast internet connections. Since 1997, we’ve made it our mission to make the web easier for businesses and organizations.

Valice [val·is]

val·ue [val-yoo] noun — relative worth, merit or importance — an ideal with which people have an affective regard

serv·ice [sur-vis] noun — an act of assistance or benefit; a favor verb — to make fit for use; adjust, repair or maintain

It’s not just the origin of our name but a simple business practice. With each of our solutions we ask: Does this create significant business value? Can we provide an outstanding level of service to support this? 

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho

Valice is based out of the friendly city of trees: Boise, Idaho. Our roots (and many long-standing customers) are right here in our small, growing metro. Valice has been involved in the Boise business and startup community since its founding.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 44926
Boise, ID 83711

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Valice been in business?

Valice was activated by the merger of Outerworld Networking and The White Space into Valice in 2009. Businesses’ needs for both technical and design expertise for web-based solutions drove this seamless partnership.

Outerworld was established in 1997 as a hosting and programming provider. The company employed information technology and programming expertise as well as a state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure.

The White Space was established in 2006 and offered creative design and marketing services geared toward a small business clientele that was growing rapidly by the time of the merger. The company employed professionals with larger agency experience who could take the elements and plans that worked for large companies and translate them into solutions for small businesses and startups.

Today Valice is committed to making the web presence of organizations and individuals more professional and simpler to manage. With every customer engagement, we want to ensure that we are always providing strong value for the service received.

Does Valice have an affiliate program?

We certainly do! And anyone can be admitted. Our affiliate program provides competitive, recurring payouts all of our web hosting and service solutions. Every Valice customer is eligible to participate. Simply click the “Affiliates” link in your top navigation and click “activate.” That’s it! Start using your custom link to refer others to Valice.

Not a customer? We partner with agencies, marketers, designers, and others who can create an account to start referring without having a service at Valice. Learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Does Valice provide graphic design services?

Valice can provide customers with website design and the related graphic design to support that effort. We’ll create custom graphics, image editing, and basic logo creation. For larger branding, print, and other graphic design needs – we’ve got a network of amazing design partners with whom we can recommend and refer.

Many of our clients are marketing agencies, design firms, and individual graphic designers. We are able to keep them focused on design while we handle the hosting, technical support, and maintenance services for their client websites. Some utilize Valice for the development and implementation of their website designs and visions. We work closely with these partners to deliver pixel perfect executions and collaborate to bring functionality visions to reality.

We love partnering with these talented folks. If that’s you…learn more about our partnership programs.

Where is my website hosted?

Valice owns, operates and maintains all of the physical equipment that powers our hosting environment. We are colocated in a state-of-the-art datacenter in Boise, Idaho. Your site is hosted on a redundant, virtualized infrastructure and backed-up to an offsite cloud environment for disaster recovery purposes.