WordPress Webmaster Services

All Managed WordPress Hosting plans include Essentials WordPress Webmaster Services. For more hands-on, priority service, you can upgrade this to a Priority or Premium Webmaster service or choose a Complete WordPress Hosting plan.  We created these solutions to meet the needs of website owners (businesses, nonprofits, associations, etc.) for ongoing website editing and design assistance. We’re more than just your web host, we can also be your design and development partner!

Why Have This?

If any of the following applies to you, we strongly recommend Complete WordPress Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting with Priority Webmaster services:

  • You have never administered a WordPress website
  • You are not familiar with backing up or restoring files and databases
  • Your third-party website designer or developer is not always available for support
  • You are not familiar with PHP, HTML or CSS 

Complete WordPress Management

As an alternative to WordPress Webmaster Support, which assumes that the site owner will be doing the majority of the day-to-day website editing and managing, we also offer Complete WordPress Hosting.

This plan gives Valice complete administrative control over your website to free your focus toward other parts of your business. Valice will handle the WordPress Administrator duties and hosting management components.

In addition to handling your updates, edits and hosting management, Valice brings our own toolkit to your website for help keeping your site functioning well and looking great. Our toolkit includes some WordPress plugins that we trust and recommend:


Some of the advantages of Complete WordPress Hosting include:

  • Reduced likelihood of site errors and update problems
  • Reduced likelihood of performance problems from third-party installations
  • Reduced likelihood that you may inadvertently delete or remove core functionality
  • Ensure that your design remains intact
  • Only trusted, secure, well-performing plugins will make their way to your website