WooCommerce is our go-to eCommerce platform. We love the out-of-the-box simplicity of WooCommerce. You can get your web store up and running in less than an hour! But the simplicity does not mean that this eCommerce solution can’t run a powerful eCommerce business.

The WooCommerce extensions directory includes hundreds of plugins which will extend the functionality and capabilities of WooCommerce. And the plugin is very open and extensible. With very friendly hooks and actions, WordPress developers and designers can greatly customize and differentiate your web store from the competition.

WooCommerce Extensions

Listed here are some of the WooCommerce extensions that Valice has configured for our customers as part of our WooCommerce development services. This is not an exhaustive list and WooCommerce developers are introducing new extension plugins regularly. For a complete list of extensions, head over to woocommerce.com

Payment Gateways

We’ve assisted customers setup the following gateway extensions with ease:


By default, WooCommerce supports free shipping and flat rate shipping. You can create shipping classes (product groups), shipping zones and apply these rates to either. If you are looking for more complex shipping configurations, we recommend checking out these extensions:

The plugins above will help you with shipping calculations and rates but if you’re looking for more shipping features, checkout:

Pricing, Discounts and Promotions

The plugins below are great marketing and operations tools for applying pricing rules, discounts and promotions: