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Around 20-25% of the population has impairments that can be addressed by a more accessible web. Let’s help you be a part of the solution.

About Accessibility

Web accessibility is essentially a set of rules, behaviors, code standards, and design guidelines that were created by the W3C and are called the WCAG 2.1. The WCAG 2.1 is a massive 1,000-page guidebook that encapsulates a range of disabilities that go from hindering internet use to making internet use impossible without adjustments. This spectrum actually comprises 20-25% of the general population depending on if we’re going with the CDC or WHO.

There are many disabilities covered, and the primary categories that require attention are:

  • blind people using screen-readers,
  • the motor-impaired using only the keyboard to navigate,
  • epilepsy, color blindness,
  • cognitive and learning disabilities,
  • visual impairments, and more.

Accessibility Widget

Valice is proud to offer our dynamic web accessibility solution powered by AccessiBe! Unleash the power of inclusive online experiences, expand your reach to a diverse audience, and effortlessly achieve accessibility compliance. Lead the way on a journey towards a web that embraces all!

Who’s missing out on your content?

AccessiBe ensures that all these individuals can access and navigate websites effectively, providing them with better opportunities and an inclusive online experience.

  • Individuals with visual impairments or blindness
  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals
  • People with motor or dexterity limitations
  • Individuals with cognitive or learning disabilities
  • Seniors with age-related impairments
  • Users with temporary disabilities or situational limitations

Why Now?

Reach a wider audience:

Around 20-25% of the population has impairments that can be addressed by a more accessible web. By making your site more accessible, you’re reaching a wider audience.

Meet compliance:

The Department of Justice has ruled twice since 2018 that the web is a public space, subject to ADA compliance. Complaint letters for non-compliance are on the rise.

Change is coming:

This is a newer component in web development, but it’s going to become more normative in coming months and years.

Ongoing compliance

Our comprehensive accessibility widget encompasses AI-driven automated scanning, remediation, and continuous monitoring. Stay up-to-date with evolving accessibility standards, ensuring an inclusive digital environment for all users. Simplify accessibility compliance with AccessiBe’s powerful features and intuitive interface.

  • AI-driven automated scanning and remediation
  • Continuous monitoring for ongoing compliance
  • Regular updates for accessibility enhancements
  • Customization options for personalized accessibility

Choose our affordable monthly subscription at $49 /month to make your website accessible with ease. Unlock the power of AccessiBe, and join the ranks of inclusive businesses reaching new heights online.

We’ll install and configure the widget to match the color scheme of your website. There’s nothing required of you after signup. Let’s get started

Want to take it for a spin?

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